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There are several components to a successful fundraising event. Revenue generation is always a top priority, but engagement, public relations, and supporter excitement are all important as well.

It can be straightforward to reach for these objectives with those who are able to attend. But don’t forget that you can achieve many of these goals even with those who can’t make it.

Whether it’s because of travel, cost, time, or anything else, there are many ways to help your event reach those who aren’t in attendance. Tips like these can help you boost your success after all the hard work you commit!

Amplify your fundraising event on social media

If you have supporters who can’t attend your event, social media gives you plenty of tools to spread your message. Here, you can help many more constituents feel the excitement about your event, and you may even motivate them to donate.

You can engage your audience on several different social networks. With Twitter, the short-burst, frequent updates can give a play-by-play of the happenings to those who aren’t there. The popularity of photo sharing social networks like Instagram and Snapchat also help you share visuals and to show supporters what they’re missing.

If there is a part of your event that would be fun to watch online, Facebook Live Video allows you to easily live stream your event right from a smartphone or tablet. This can go the extra mile to help anyone absent feel like they’re right there with you.

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Recap your fundraising event in a blog post

The social media strategies above can all be effective, but they can also be time consuming. Sharing the action throughout your event on multiple channels may even take up all the efforts of one staff member or volunteer.

That’s one reason why a recap blog post can work very well. After the event has wrapped up, a written review of all the happenings can be put together. You can have one writer discuss the event from beginning to end, or have multiple team members share a highlight.

If you don’t have a blog on your website, you can easily share this recap on a channel like Facebook, LinkedIn or Medium. Just link to it from your social channels and your active supporters will be able to click over and read it.

This recap can also be a great opportunity to promote your next campaign or event to an interested audience.

Put together a highlight video

If parts of the first two strategies appealed to you, then putting together a video recap of your event may be a perfect fit.

Whether you’re able to hire a professional videographer or just want to compile photos and videos taken by your team, a video is easy to share on your website or blog and all over social media.

Even better, by recapping all the excitement of the event, the video may be popular among those who were in attendance and want to re-live it. This can help keep your event top of mind after it’s done and help motivate them to stay involved in future initiatives.

Offer virtual tickets to your event

There are still a lot of options to involve supporters in your event even if they can’t attend.

You’re used to tickets for in-person events, where registering or buying in advance guarantees a space. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can use virtual ticketing to help spread your event to those who can only participate online.

Virtual tickets and events can include a wide variety of activities. For example, you could share a complete live video stream of a fundraising concert to those who can watch online. Registering can also have a lot of benefits for your constituents even if they can’t attend. There may be a giveaway, sale, or auction that a supporter can partake in, even from afar. Depending on these perks, you can decide if this type of virtual ticket should be free or paid.

These virtual registrations provide yet another opportunity to engage supporters and appeal for a donation.

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