Learn about Causeview's update for Salesforce Lightning and more.
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Our next Causeview Fundraising release includes an updated look and feel for Salesforce Lightning, as well as new Matching Gift functionality.

Coming August 9th, we’re upgrading Causeview Fundraising to include a host of new and improved features for your nonprofit!

In every Causeview release, we take efforts to add functionality that helps your organization’s growth through revenue and supporter relationships, simplicity of daily tasks and operations, and trust in your CRM data.

Here are some of the highlights in this upcoming release:

Salesforce Lightning Experience

  • Salesforce Lightning has arrived to bring a faster, simpler and sleeker user experience. Causeview pages have now been updated to display the new design and interface to users who have enabled Lightning.
  • A new Causeview Hompeage will also be available to users who enable Lightning. This simplified interface will give you quick access to support materials, relevant Causeview news and notices, and summaries of your organization’s donation data.

New Matching Gift Interface

  • Organizations with matching gift programs will find it easier to ensure they are always keeping the most accurate data. A new Matching Gift Interface allows you to easily edit and update the allocations for each matching gift.

Causeview users, read more on these features and many more in the upcoming Causeview Fundraising release here.

To see how can help your organization, request a personalized demo:

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