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Automate receipts by campaign or appeal
Org Prints
Simplify printing and mailing receipts
Archive Receipts
Archive receipts if you need to reissue or are asked for them in an audit

Causeview Receipts is a game-changer for donation receipts. It seamlessly integrates with your existing Salesforce database, helping you issue either paper or electronic donor receipts.

Donor Receipt Fees
Starting at 25 cents per receipt
Designed for Fundraisers to manage donor receipts with Salesforce
Seamless Salesforce integration Auto-gift acknowledgements
Year-End Donor statements Donors can self-print receipts
Printing/mailing services Donor receipt archiving
Product support
See Donor Receipts in Action

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Here are a few of the many nonprofit organizations using
Causeview and Salesforce to manage their Donor relationships more effectively
Learn how to transition from paper to electronic donor receipts at your own pace.