With Causeview, the Accokeek Foundation has substantially improved its donor acquisition and retention.

About the Accokeek Foundation

The Accokeek Foundation, based out of Accokeek, Maryland, seeks to preserve, protect and promote the cultural and natural resources at Piscataway Park. The organization's environmental efforts include testing innovative land management techniques. They also run educational programming and community engagement initiatives to assist their region. The 200-acre Piscataway Park is open daily for guests, including thousands of children who enjoy visiting for field trips yearly.


The Accokeek Foundation team has long been very satisfied Salesforce.org users and sought to incorporate its fundraising efforts onto the CRM platform. In addition to the capabilities of a great donor management tool, integrating it with Salesforce would have offer them better tools to improve their analytics, benchmarking and reporting. Together, they hoped that this would lead to improved donor stewardship, revenue growth, and more efficient operations.

“(Causeview) really helps our small team stay on top of stewardship.”
- Anjela Barnes, Chief Operating Officer

Students learning through an Accokeek Foundation program at Piscataway Park


The Accokeek Foundation implemented Causeview Fundraising to bring donor and donation management capabilities to their Salesforce.org instance. It enables Salesforce users to track and build supporter relationships, and to create integrated, customized online donation forms and pages. You can also process any type of payment, manage pledged gifts, and simplify gift accounting.

Anjela Barnes, Chief Operating Officer at the Accokeek Foundation, oversaw the deployment of Causeview. “For me as the main administrator,” she told us, “I felt that it was really easy to learn Causeview for our users. It was a very smooth transition.”

“Their entire team and their responsiveness have been really great.”


Using Causeview as its central donor management solution, the Accokeek Foundation has seen impressive results. In the past two years, they have achieved incredible donor acquisition, boosting the number of donors to their cause by 80% over the last three years. They have also made substantial improvements in their donor retention metrics. Last year alone, 13% more donors returned to give again than in the year prior.

Anjela Barnes credits the deep insights that have stemmed from the ease of use and data quality they now receive from Causeview and Salesforce. “The structure of Causeview allows us to do our benchmarking and makes analytics really easy,” she said. “It has also freed time for more valuable activities. “It lets us spend our time on campaign development. We’ve been able to focus a lot on stewardship and strengthening our membership program.”

Anjela believes that the integration between their Causeview online donation forms and their Salesforce CRM has had a major impact, too. “The biggest thing is seeing donations as soon they come in,” she explained. “We’re able to respond quickly and send 'thank yous'. It really helps our small team stay on top of stewardship.”

Causeview’s support team has also assisted the Accokeek Foundation swiftly, so that Anjela’s team can continue working on their mission. “We’ve been extremely happy with Causeview’s support. The entire team and their responsiveness have been really great.”

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