Manage the entire gift journey including gift processing with an app built on the Salesforce NPSP Platform

Process every type of donation
Process any Payment Type

Anywhere in the world and from any device

Automate recurring gifts
Automate Recurring Payments

We even look after expiration dates and replaced credit card numbers for you.

Manage events & volunteers
Issue Donation Receipts

Causeview automates e-receipts or makes it simple to print and mail receipts.

1. Book a call with our coaching team to discuss your transition plan.
2. We install the app on your instance of Salesforce.
3. Our team helps you set up and configure the app to solve your gift processing and donor receipt challenges.
With Causeview, Habitat for Humanity Waterloo are excited for the automation that will reduce the touch points on a donation from six to just one. With fully integrated online donation pages and transaction processing, a donation will flow right into the organization’s CRM, which will provide the donor a receipt and acknowledgement without needing any involvement from the Habitat staff.
Learn how to transition from paper to electronic donor receipts at your own pace.