Integrate with Salesforce HEDA data
Process Any Payment Type

Online and offline payment processing

Manage complex pledges
Automate Recurring Payments

Manage expiration dates and card replacements

Automate administrative tasks
Issue Donation Receipts

Manual or e-receipts issuing and printing

1. Book a call with our coaching team to discuss your transition plan.
2. We install the app on your instance of Salesforce.
3. Our team helps you set up and configure the app to solve your gift processing and donor receipt challenges.

“The way Causeview has set up their giving model is going to make our reporting so much easier,” said Cheryl. “There’s going to be a lot more transparency and clarity of reporting. Our end-users are going to be much more self-sufficient with reporting. Our power users are already building online donation forms quickly. There will be time savings, better data quality, and our users will get to focus much more on getting the most out of Causeview and much less on wonky database processes.” Speaking to Causeview Advancement’s gift processing, pledge management, gift allocations and fund accounting, Cheryl exclaimed: “The gift management team loves you!”
Learn how to transition from paper to electronic donor receipts at your own pace.